Lotto Sized Wins From Small Outlays

People who gamble on sports often take a lot of near even money bets or gamble where the outcome only produces single digit multipliers of their outlay. I heard a story of a punter laying $30,000 on a $1.13 shot on the tennis this year only to lose. Personally, when I bet, I like to pick a “roughie that might make it” or the “underdog team who might just pull through”, I like the thrill of the bigger payout. However, I’ve recently learned that the key to real fun when punting online and having a chance at some lottery type payouts, is to punt using multibet.

In the USA, they call them parlay bets, but in Australia they are most commonly referred to as a multibet.

So how does it work?

A multibet is just as easy as betting on any single event, but instead of just choosing 1 outcome, you make a call on several (at least 2). You can win some really big amounts, even if the odds of each outcome isn’t substantial.

My friends always say to me, “X team will beat so and so in the NRL match this weekend, and Y horse will win and Z will win in the tennis”. Now all I can say is “well bet on it”. But don’t just take the ‘double your money’ type option by betting on each event singularly, put them into a multibet and watch your profits go through the roof!

Of course, with a multibet, you only win when every one of your picks win, but the payouts are much greater.

So don’t just put your footy tips in this week, put $5 on an8 leg multibet! If all of your picks come though, you will really be a champion among your friends.

This weekend there’s one punter at who played a 7 leg multibet, it looks like this:

Original Odds – Sport – His Selection
$2.25 – AFL – St Kilda to beat Collingwood by 1-39 points (St Kilda won by 28 points)
$2.50 – AFL – Brisbane to beat Port Adelaide by 1-39 points (Brisbane won by 27 points)
$2.25 – AFL – Western Bulldogs to beat Hawthorn by 1-39 points (Western Bulldogs won by 16 points)
$3.15 –  AFL – Fremantle to beat Geelong by 1-39 points (Fremantle won by seven points)
$3.65 – NRL – Gold Coast to beat Melbourne by 1-12 points (Gold Coast won by four points)
$3.20 – NRL – Wests Tigers to beat North Queensland Cowboys by 1-12 points  (Wests Tigers won by seven points)
$3.60 – Typhoon Tracy to win the Doncaster Mile – Saturday, 17 April @ 3.35pm

If Typhoon Tracy wins the Doncaster Mile this weekend, old mate here is going to pocket $8376.68 from his $5 bet. The combined odds of his multibet paid out at 1676:1. Now THAT is winning!

If you want to try a multibet, head over to our preferred online bookmaker. Sign up and then add your individual bets to the bet slip like normal. Spot the little blue “Convert to Multibet” button on the bottom left of the betting slip. Click that and away you go.

It’s as simple as this, I chose three NRL games this weekend:

  • Titans v Dragons, with Dragons to win at $1.83
  • Knights v Cowboys, with Knights to win at $1.30
  • Broncos v Sharks, with Broncos to win at $1.36

Click the multibet button to see your odds multiplied by each other, giving me a multibet payout at $3.24! ($1.83 x $1.30 x $1.36).

I’ve put a $30 stake down (I would normally bet $10 a game), my multibet payout will be a whopping $97.20.

If I just placed $10 on each match like normal, and won all 3, I’d only be walking away with $44.90.

So if you’re confident with all of your picks, hit “convert to multibet”, click the bet button and you’re a multibet pro!