2012 NRL Odds, Preview & Betting –Round 6

2012 NRL Odds, Preview & Betting –Round 6

Round six of the 2012 NRL Premiership rolls around and punters and tipsters are praying for form lines to finally hold true. This year has been nothing but upsets and a flip of a coin has thus far been just a good a method as any in finding yourself a winner.

We’d love to tell you everything looks better for this weekend but the fact is things don’t get any easier in round six.

A host of these games are near enough 50/50 picks and a piece of brilliance from an individual could well be the difference between winning and losing.

One thing we are confident about is that scoring will remain tight so punters make sure you keep an eye on the line betting because any big + advantages should be gobbled up as fast as you can.

For the best odds as always remember to check out bookmaker.com.au and read below where we’ll hopefully steer you into a few winners.

Friday Night

Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs

To kick off the weekend we’ve got arguably the toughest side to pick in the entire comp facing the team that started this season as good as any. The bunnies pulled one out of the fire last week and although the final minute heroics got them up against the Tigers we need to put that into perspective. The Tigers have been useless all year and failing to score more than a single try for 75 minutes is a real worry. Throw that in with the mega loss of Sam Burgess and the south siders look in real trouble.

The Bulldogs however aren’t without their own problems. Looking to bounce back off a defeat two weeks ago they were moderate at best against a Titans outfit that is effectively down and out already. They leaked points and although they scored a few they can’t rely on Ben Barba to get them out of trouble every time.

Effectively we’ve got two underperforming outfits playing each other and anything can happen. Despite the dogs having a better stance on the table and against argument I’m going to tip the Bunnies, logic says they won’t win but we all know that when it comes to South Sydney logic doesn’t mean a hell of a lot.

Souths by 6. Bet now at bookmaker.com.au

Tigers vs Broncos

Don’t think a tight game last week and a golden point loss changes my mind in any way about the Tigers. Their forward pack simply isn’t tough enough and I still can’t fathom how any ‘expert’ tipped them to make the eight let alone win the comp this year.

The Broncos on the other hand have been simply superb and there’s no reason at all they can’t keep it up tomorrow night. A little birdy has informed me that workhorse Corey Parker will be back a week early as well so any holes that were exposed last week in the second half by the Dragons won’t be there for the Tigers.

The Bronc’s forward pack is too big , too strong and too fast, they’ll run through the Tigers as if they weren’t there. It’s funny because often they aren’t.

Broncs by 20. Bet now at bookmaker.com.au


Titans vs Roosters

The Titans finally showed some fight last week and were it not for some Benny Barba brilliance perhaps they may have claimed the points as well. Let’s make no mistakes there is some genuine talent in Titans colours and if they can ever put it together they will win some games.

The Roosters on the other hand shocked everyone in the world (me at least) when the belted the Warriors in a game they should have lost. It makes an interesting trend for the Bondi boys and one I’m all too keen to exploit this weekend.

The Roosters come into this game expected to win, with good form and everything going for them. Because of that I’m going to pick the Titans.

You can call me crazy if you want but as soon as there’s so much as a whiff of confidence at Bondi junction it quickly turns to arrogance and they’ll shoot themselves in the foot.

The Titans are going to win a few games this year, this will be one of them.

Titans by 2. Bet now @ bookmaker.com.au

Sharks vs Dragons

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Stop insulting him, it’s Paul Gallen of course. As a proud Queenslander there is nothing Gallen could possibly do to make me forget my first impressions when he held the title as one of the game’s biggest grubs. That was of course before he started making 200 hitups a game and just as many tackles.

The man is a freak and without him I have no doubts the Sharkies wouldn’t even be in the competition today. Carney can finally string together a try or two as well so the doormat of the NRL is now rising as a force to be reckoned with.

They face the Dragons who are about as consistent as public transport on the East Coast of Australia. It’s not even one week good, one week bad, it’s one half good, one half bad. What’s going to be thrown up at Shark Park on Saturday?

Who cares, Gallen is playing.

Sharks by 10. Bet now @ bookmaker.com.au


Raiders vs Warriors

I make no mistakes about the fact the Warriors are my favourite team to watch in the NRL. The strength, power, innovation and downright craziness is something to behold. That is of course if you forget the majority of their 2012 season to date.

What happened last week? Can someone please explain. How can a team with the list of the Warriors perform so hopelessly?

They meet the Raiders who luckily for them were just as poor. People got excited when they put a few tries on the Tigers but don’t make me keep reminding you about the fact your local under 12 team could put a few tries on the Tigers.

It’s like drawing a form line on the Aussie that wins our national 100m titles and saying he’s looking good to face Usain Bolt.

As far as I’m concerned the Raiders won’t come into consideration until they beat a team with the desire to tackle. I’m not saying the Warriors are that team based on last week’s effort but I’ll pick them because they can’t be that bad again and Canberra’s recent home record stinks.

The Beast has been dormant all year, it’s time he woke up.

Warriors by 12. Bet now at bookmaker.com.au.

Newcastle vs Parramatta

I refuse to believe one man is worth 30 points to a team, even if his name is Jarryd Hayne. Seriously, the turnaround he gave the Eels was worth at least 30 points, maybe even 50. Sure he’s a great player but there is no way in the world he’s that good.

The answer is purely psychological, the Eels don’t believe they can win unless he’s in the team. That’s dangerous territory to be in, especially when you’re relying on a man as injury prone as Hayne.

Nevertheless he’s back in the team so at least they’ll be trying to win the game.

It’s a shame it’ll all be in vain, Newcastle haven’t set the world on fire so far in 2012 but their performances have been good enough to call them a finals bound team.

The longer they spend under Bennett the better as well so expect them to get up in front of their home fans.

PS: If any of you ever pick the Eels again without Hayne in the team I’ll have you admitted to the loony bin.

Newcastle by 14. Bet now at bookmaker.com.au

Cowboys vs Storm

You’ve got to feel bad for those fans up there in North QLD. Their team is going pretty well in 2012, it’s a shame they don’t want to perform at home. It’s another of these strange phenomenon’s in 2012 that the Cowboys only come out to play when they’re away from their mummies.

The Storm on the other hand are just as clinical, just as intimidating and just as downright awesome wherever they go.

They’re a machine made up of nuts and bolts, not blood, bone and feelings like the rest of the competition.

I never thought I’d say this about the Cowboys but they need to toughen up. They need consistency now more than anything, especially up against a team like the Storm.

I expect the Cowboys to respond and come out with a big game, this one will go down to the wire.

At the death though who do you want, man or machine? I’ll take Arnie.

Storm by 2. Bet now at bookmaker.com.au

Manly vs Penrith

The final game of the round see’s the reigning premiers limp their way home to face a Penrith outfit that’s proving plenty of experts wrong this year. (Not me, they were great value to make the eight at bookmaker.com.au.

I could do a long preview and examine all the little variable and what not but there’s only one thing you need to remember.


Penrith by 18. Bet now at bookmaker.com.au