Round 7 NRL Preview, Tips & Betting 2012

Our round 6 tips got off to a flyer last week when South’s sprung an upset and the Broncos eased home to give us two from two on Friday night. The Titans were game but went down by six to give us our first loss before another fantastic tip saw the Sharkies get home.

As for Penrith, well, let’s not talk about that.

Another week another series of games though and Round 7 of the NRL Premiership delivers another feast for punters and sporting entrepreneurs.

Check out our unbeatable weekend preview below and remember to get on to to place your bets!

Round 7 NRL Preview, Tips & Betting 2012

Friday Night

St George vs Newcastle

This my friends is one of the toughest games of the round to pick. St George couldn’t manage a single point against the Sharks last week while Newcastle played a shocker to only just get up over the Eels. Both sides were woeful and were they playing different teams I’d be picking against them.

The way things work out though I’ve got to pick one and usually that means tipping the home team.

There’s a case for it too, surely the Dragons couldn’t go scoreless again, especially at WIN Jubilee Oval. Jamie Soward is playing to retain his origin jersey and coming up with two ducks in a row will trash an otherwise solid resume. The strength of the Dragons is their forward pack but that pack was single handedly torn apart by Paul Gallen last week. Lucky for them there’s no man near that stature in the Knights outfit so they’ll have their chance to regain some pride.

As for the Knights, Benny won’t be happy and their halves are having problems of their own. Jarrod Mullen is also in the hunt for a NSW jersey and he’ll need to do more than he did last week to give himself hope. At the back meanwhile Darius Boyd is copping flack from all corners and most of it is deserved. On form he’s nowhere near an Australian test spot let alone a gig with the Maroons. He’ll still be picked but for his own good he’d better start looking like he can do something.

The verdict? Dragons at home should be enough but jeeze the $2.50 on offer at looks good for the Knights.

Knights by 1 to pay for my Friday night drinks.

Brisbane vs Canberra

The Broncos are playing on Friday night again?? How can this be! Favouritism from the NRL, someone do something quickly! We’ve heard this type of whining all week so let’s clear it up.

Here’s a little secret ladies and gentleman, the Broncos play on Friday night for a few reasons. Firstly it’s a guaranteed cash bonanza for Channel 9 (who pick the schedule), secondly Brisbane only has one team so why shouldn’t they get prime time and thirdly they’re one of the best teams in the comp!

Sure we could watch the Titans get thumped or maybe the Cowboys in the hope we catch them on a good day but for the time being the Broncos shall remain comfortably in the Friday night spot.

Now that we’ve sorted that out we can look to their next victory.

Not that I want to give my tip away too early but I remain unconvinced about the Raiders. They beat the Tigers a couple of weeks back and we all agreed it meant nothing, luckily the Tigers have since franked that form. I know the score line didn’t  flatter the Broncs against the Tigers last week but they were easily the better team even if they couldn’t capitalise as much as they should have.

The Raiders meanwhile played the Warriors who by the looks of things have been kidnapped and replaced by a bunch of pathetic imitators. They were horrible, disgraceful, useless and deserved the smacking they got.

The Broncos are a different story though and at home at Suncorp on Friday night how could you pick against them?

Broncos by 12. ($1.42 @

Saturday Night

Melbourne vs Canterbury

How good are Melbourne? No seriously how good are they?

It’s hard to believe this team can keep so many egos in check when at least 1/2 a dozen of their players have the right to consider themselves the best in the NRL. Each week though they turn up, smash their opponents and head back south to prepare for it all again.

This week they meet the Doggies who went down the South Sydney last Friday night. Rule one of tipping is to never take a form line through South Sydney so how the dogs shape up here is anyone’s guess.

Honestly I think against any other team I’d lean towards them. They’ve shown through 2012 they can score points and score them fast, it’s no fluke they’re towards the top of the ladder.

The reality is though they’re playing the undefeated Melbourne and no matter how much you look for one there’s no justification for taking the mega $3.70 odds about Canterbury.

Storm by 12. ($1.28 at

Manly vs Gold Coast

Ahh the Titans, we put faith in you last week and you got within six, not enough though we’re sorry to say. You actually played really well when you forget about the three tries scored against you. You found field position and held the ball, you just couldn’t do anything with it! I lost count of the number of times you were camped on the Roosters line but you showed nothing in attack.

I feel for Scotty Prince, he was a Queensland and Australian rep who was denied more game time only because of the freaks that were around during the same period. If he was from NSW he’d have played dozens of origins and given them the stability they so desperately needed. Unfortunately the knowledge that his rep boat has sailed along with his ageing body and average team leave him a shell of a player he once was. If I could have one thing in Rugby League it’d be seeing Scott Prince back to his best, unfortunately his current form couldn’t be further from it.

Oh, I guess the Eagles were ok last week too.

Manly by 20. ($1.23 at

Roosters vs Cowboys

This is the easiest game of the round to pick. Forget the fact their odds are closer than some of the others this game is the absolute banker.

The Roosters won last week against the Titans so they are all but certain to go down this weekend. This is proved beyond doubt by the fact the Cowboys lost last week, therefore making them certainties.

It’s rare you can have so much confidence as a tipster but right now I’m declaring the Cowboys morals and urging you to clean up at their current $1.66 odds.

There is only one small concern, the Roosters were average last week and only really won because they were playing the Titans. Does that mean they’re due to play well this week?

Nope, Cowboys by 14.


Warriors vs South Sydney

And thus we get to a game that will almost certainly frustrate both sets of fans to the point that the winners don’t even really care. As a self confessed Warriors tragic it pains me to see the team that is currently on display. It’s not the lack of flashy style or big wins, it’s the fact they simply don’t care. Anyone who saw their game last weekend would agree there appears to be nothing but utter apathy coming from the Warriors camp.

It’s plainly embarrassing and if any fans turn up to Mt Smart Stadium on Sunday they deserve a medal.

South’s meanwhile were brilliant against the Bulldogs, showing a bit of the form that had many calling them a top four hope. You just have that dreadful feeling it’s all going to come to a grinding halt across the ditch.

They deserve to be strong favourites and should win easily but consistency is not a word in the vocabulary of the boys from Redfern.

I hope they prove me wrong because I’m going to go with them, but whatever the result I foresee a lot of heads in hands this Sunday afternoon.

Souths by 14. Incredible value! ($2.46 at

Sharks vs Eels

All hail king Gallen!

Look, the Melbourne boys are good but as far as I’m concerned Paul Gallen is the best player in the world right now. If you took him out of the Sharks and put him in the Eels you could just about say their ladder positions are reversed.

Let’s compare him as the Sharks star player to the Eels star player Jarryd Hayne. In two sides that lack depth it comes down to individuals and these are the best each can offer.

Gallen has the best work ethic in the NRL, he’s the toughest in the NRL, he gets the best stats in the NRL and leads from the front.

Hayne meanwhile  has occasional flashes of brilliance that are unmatched by anyone else, but what happens between them? He can be hesitant and borderline lazy. He’s horribly inconsistent and by sitting at fullback his chances to inspire his teammates are limited.

Combine that with the poor form and horror condition of the NRL’s most overpaid player Chris Sandow and the Eels are in serious trouble.

Sharks by 22. ($1.49 at

Penrith vs West Tigers

Penrith, you embarrassed me last week.  My tips were set to be a cracker when you were to upset Manly but apparently you didn’t get the memo. A 30 point thumping by an out of form and under pressure side was not what I was after.

It’s tough to think I could be almost ready to pick the Tigers, especially after they lost another game. Unfortunately though I’m left with little option.

Returning home to Penrith is not enough to justify the more than 30 point turnaround that’s required.

The Tigers are another underperforming and under pressure side and this week they have my support.

Tigers by 16. ($1.55 at