Footy Tipping Guide

Betting on the NRL is a great way to get involved in this exciting footy code and make yourself a little money on the side too.

We are sure all your mates have tried to push a ‘sure-fire’ system on how to win money from NRL betting onto you before, but there is no better advice then to stay confident and informed.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the footy tips and tricks out there, if you know the game and the betting markets then it is really simple start winning money.

There is lots to know when it comes to footy tipping and having a punt on the NRL, so below we have come up with a guide to improve your betting and show you ways to use any footy tips you have.

There is nothing to be scared of when it comes to betting on the footy. It is fun, easy and makes the games even more exciting, and with offering a sensational range of NRL odds and bets online, it makes it even less complicated!

Footy Tipping Factors

Things all winning punters must consider when placing their NRL bets at bookmakers such as include both internal factors like the team and the players, and external aspects like the grounds and conditions.

This stuff is really easy to find out online and in only a few minutes you can have the knowledge to place the winning NRL bet!

Successful NRL betting stems from knowing the sport and the statistics, researching the team and player statistics, and determining the affect things like injured and missing players will have on the teams’ odds and chances of winning in the head-to-head markets.

A team may be flying high for the season, but if one or two of their star players suffer an injury or get suspended, it can really throw a spanner in the works. But not for the punter who watches for these things and adjusts their footy picks accordingly.

Look out for things like a team’s home and away record, the ground conditions on game day and what’s going on off-field that may positively or negatively impact a club’s dynamics and on-field performance.

For more about this check out our Statistics and Analysis page.

Bias NRL Betting

We all love to back our home team to win, but don’t be biased with your betting.

If your favourite NRL club have the best chance of winning a game, for example they are playing a club they have consistently beaten before, then this is the time to back them at the bookies.

But don’t let your love of a club or its players be the only reasons you put your money on them. Remember, look at the stats and read the game, you want to win money no matter what team gives you the payout!

If you really want to make money off your team, even if you don’t think they can win, remember there are heaps of top exotic betting options at that you can benefit from.

For example, a Brisbane Broncos supporter mightn’t think they can win a certain match but there is a really good chance they will score first, so look at the ‘First Scoring Play’ markets and you will find plenty of value.

NRL Ladder

One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the latest NRL results and stats is by checking out the NRL ladder.

Watching the progression of teams throughout the NRL Telstra Premiership and where they sit on the ladder is a great way to gauge the best team to put your money on at

The ladder shows you all kinds of important footy tipping gems including the recent win and loss record of the teams, and the result the last time certain clubs came head-to-head.

A good tip that could see you beat the bookies is to look out for teams on a winning streak. A team that has won a number of games on the trot often have more confidence and can beat teams much higher up the ladder.

Watch the NRL Markets

Successful NRL betting also means keeping an eye on the bookies and what odds they are offering. Make sure you know what price teams open at and look out for big changes.

A team’s odds often dramatically shorten, even if they remain the underdogs, when lots of money comes in for them. If plenty of other punters are suddenly backing a team you hadn’t considered, they may know something you don’t and it could be a good idea to follow the betting trends.

Also, all NRL clubs have a bogey side that no matter the season or the odds they often lose against. So watch the markets that have the bogey side for a club at good odds and get ready to pounce!

If you follow our footy tipping guide, consider all the factors, avoid bias betting, and watch the ladder and the markets then it becomes easy to put your Rugby League Tips into action and make great money off the NRL at, so what are you waiting for?