NRL Ladder & Results

NRL Ladder

An NRL Ladder at the start of the season

The NRL regular season is divided up into 26 rounds of play in which each of the 16 existing teams play against one another. The progress of these rounds is recorded on the NRL ladder, which helps to determine the teams that will advance to the Finals. It all operates on a simple point system that works a little something like this:

The 16 teams in the NRL are divided up into two pools of equal strength based on their previous season’s performance. Each pool has eight teams. These eight teams play all eight teams in the opposing pool twice and six of the seven teams in their own pool once. The remaining team in their pool is played twice for a total of 24 rounds of play. That combined with two bye weeks equals 26 rounds. For each game played, the teams are awarded points. They get two points for each win, two points for each bye week, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. For more information on how this works, check out our NRL draw page.

It’s these points that determine each team’s position on the season’s leader board, or NRL ladder. The more points a team earns, the higher up the ladder they go. The aim is to earn the number one position on the ladder to win the season’s Minor Premiership title and advance to the Finals. Though, any position in the Top 8 will earn a place in the Finals.

Betting on the NRL Ladder

The NRL ladder is an essential tool when it comes to NRL results and putting down wagers on the NRL draw, especially when it is used in combination with helpful footy tips. As it tracks the progress of each team, the NRL ladder can be used to give bettors a general idea on how a team will perform in any given week. The stronger teams rise to the top due to their superior talent on the field, and are generally good to back at online sportsbooks such as For example if the number two ranked team is going up against the number 16 ranked team, a bet on the number two team to win is a pretty smart decision.

Of course, the NRL ladder also affords footy fans plenty of other betting opportunities. Starting with the top of the NRL ladder and working down, punters can put down a wager on who will win the coveted number one position and take home the Minor Premiership. Bets can also be made on which teams will make the Top 4 and the Top 8 positions on the NRL ladder.

In addition, there are betting options for teams that don’t fare as well throughout the draw. Many sportsbooks offer the option of guessing which teams will miss out on the Top 4. They also offer the Wooden Spoon bet. The Wooden Spoon is awarded to the team that finishes on the bottom rung of the NRL ladder after the draw is finished. Bettors can take a stab at the Wooden Spoon team before the season even begins at most online sportsbooks.

Be sure to check the NRL ladder on a weekly basis to chart the progress of your favourite team while using it as a helpful tool when it comes to putting down footy bets.