Canterbury Bulldogs Theme Song

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are a Rugby League team steeped in history and are known as an imposing and tough NRL club.

Every Bulldogs fan loves to bark out their support at the games by singing the club song, the lyrics of which are provided below. Canterbury has two main theme songs and both talk about all the strengths of the team including their mighty forwards and leading backs as well as harking back to their traditional history.

Learning the Doggies’ song is one way to get behind this great team, the other is to have a punt on them to win at! To get the most out of your wagering dollar check out our Footy Tips page.

We are the mighty Bulldogs

The Canterbury breed

We play it hard

We play it tough

We’re the greatest in the league

We’ve got a mighty pack of forwards

And a line of leading backs

When that whistle blows

You all will know

As we leave them in our tracks

So come on mighty Bulldogs

Let’s show them how it’s done

With our power, speed

The Bulldogs breed

Will keep them on the run.

Other Canterbury Bulldogs Song

That’s why we’re the Bulldogs

We play like Bulldogs

It comes from deep inside

A kind of family pride

It’s true as day is long

It’s brave, it’s tough, it’s strong

It’s history that makes

That character it takes

It’s power, guts and guile

A dogged football style

That’s why we’re Bulldogs

We play like Bulldogs

No fear we’re Bulldogs

We’ll stay like Bulldogs

It’s victories we’ve won

And hard yards we have run

Attack that can inspire

Defence that’s full of fire

A character that shows

Despite the highs and lows

It’s courage that you need

To join this special breed, YEAH!