Parramatta Eels Theme Song

To be a true Parramatta Eels fan you must know the lyrics to the club song backwards, but for those who are a little unsure the lyrics are given below! So next time you head down to the Parramatta Stadium with your scarf around your neck, you can be proud to sing along, and while you are at it, why not show your dedication with a punt on the Eels at

Lyrics To The Parramatta Eels Theme Song:

You’ll hear a tremendous roar go up as Parra takes the field,
Just look at the blue and gold of the mighty Eels,
Their running out so big and strong and kicking up their heels,
If you want to see how footballs played then come and see the Eels,
Quick goes the ball from man to man,
Their strong in the tackle and sure with their hands,
They play it hard and fast that’s the only way to win,
And when they score a try you will hear the fans all sing,
Good on ya Parra your brave and bold your mighty good and true blue and worth your weight in gold and when we see the other side slowly start to yield we raise our voices to the sky and glorify the Eels!