South Sydney Rabbitohs

South Sydney RabbitohsThe South Sydney Rabbitohs, officially the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club is often shortened to just the Souths or the Bunnies by their true fans. Located in Redfern, a suburb of South-Central Sydney, the Bunnies are one of nine teams from the city, and is a club steeped in rich Australian rugby league history.

Founded in 1908 as South Sydney, the Rabbitohs have won the premiership 20 times, although all were won before the establishment of the current NRL.

South Sydney Rabbitohs Information

Established: 1908
Home Ground: ANZ Stadium
Colours: Red & Green
Mascot: Reggie
Number of Premierships Won: 20 (1908, 1909, 1904, 1918, 1925 – 1929, 1931, 1932, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1967, 1968, 1970 & 1971)
Number of Minor Premierships Won: 0


Established in 1908 as a founding side in the NSWRL (New South Wales Rugby League – predecessor of the ARL & NRL), the Bunnies are one of just two sides still present in the league, the other being the Sydney Roosters. While traditionally drawing support from the inner-south and south eastern parts of Sydney, the Rabbitohs are popular among many parts of NSW, and are widely regarded as the most successful team in the history of the ARL having won the most number of championships at 20.

Throughout their history, the Rabbitohs have often been referred to as ‘The Pride of the League’ and traditionally hold a place in many true NRL fans’ hearts.

When the NRL was initially introduced in 1998 and with the announcement just 14 sides would make up the league, the Rabbitohs were left excluded with many other teams’ merging with one another, and saw them unable to meet the requirements necessary to form the NRL.

After a series of legal battles, and public rallies drawing support from various clubs’ fans to get the team into the NRL, South Sydney were reinstated into the premiership in time to take part in the 2002 Season.

Despite their dominance in the sport since its inception, the Rabbitohs time in the NRL has been anything but dominant, having landed the title of wooden spoon three times for their first five seasons in the top flight.

Hollywood actor Russell Crow and Peter Holmes à Court took over the club in 2006, and have since been able to draw high profile and experienced players to the club – which has been reflected in recent results. In 2007, the Bunnies made the semi finals for the first time since 1989, and the following year, its 100th year anniversary as a club, saw the South Sydney Football Club named the National Trust’s first ever ‘Community Icon’ for its contribution to Australian sport over the years.

Emblem, Colours & Jerseys

The South Sydney Rabbitohs emblem is a running white rabbit on a green background with a red outline, and after being introduced in 1959, has been a part of the teams’ jersey ever since, despite being changed to invert the red and green colours on the logo.

Since its establishment, the South Sydney Rabbitohs club colours have been cardinal red and myrtle green, with these two the main colours on the jerseys over the years. Traditionally a hooped style, alternating red and green, the style of the jerseys have changed very little over the years, and with the introduction of away jerseys saw the Bunnies bring in a predominantly black jersey in 2006.

Football Club

Since 2006 the illustrious ANZ Stadium, formerly known as the Telstra Stadium has been the home of the Rabbitohs. It was a controversial move for the club and was regarded by many as a relocation made only to secure the club’s future. Situated in the Sydney Olympic Park, the ANZ Stadium can seat up to 83,500 spectators, and will be the home ground of the Bunnies through to 2017. South’s training ground is the newly renovated Redfern Oval, which was also the team’s home ground from 1948 through to 1988.

For true fans of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, membership is not an option – it is a requirement, and with around 9,000 fans gaining the benefits and discounts which go hand in hand with being a member, it is no surprise. So if you want to help support your side and prove your loyalty with them there is no time to waste.


Reggie Rabbit is the mascot of the South Sydney Rabbitohs. As one of the oldest and most widely loved mascots in the NRL, Reggie first made an appearance in 1952 and with son Rocket now heading down to the ANZ Stadium, the Bunnies have a lot of sideline support!

Best Bet To Make

When it comes down to betting on the South Sydney Rabbitohs, whether they are playing at home or away it does not make a massive difference to the outcome, and so if you are confident they can overcome an opponent when the fixture is away, the payout could be worth it with

In the 2009 Season the Rabbitohs struggled in the middle half of the year, and so waiting for the opening few rounds or tail end of the season could be a clever bet.