Sydney Roosters

Sydney RoostersOfficially named the Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club, the Sydney Roosters are based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and widely regarded as one of the most successful clubs in ARL history. The team has won the NSWRL (New South Wales Rugby League – predecessor of the ARL & NRL) and NRL twelve times, been runners up fourteen times, and claimed the minor premiership sixteen times since the club’s 1908 inception.

The Roosters are the record holders for the longest winning streak and the second biggest victory margin in the sport’s history, and is the only club to have participated in each season at the top level.

Sydney Roosters Information

Established: 1908
Home Ground: Sydney Football Stadium
Colours: Red, White & Blue
Mascot: Rocky
Number of Premierships Won: 12 (1911 – 1913, 1923, 1935 – 1937, 1940, 1945, 1974, 1975 & 2002)
Number of Minor Premierships Won: 16 (1912, 1913, 1923, 1931, 1934 – 1937, 1940, 1941, 1945, 1974, 1975, 1980, 1981 & 2004)


Initially established in 1908, the Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club was brought about so the district could enter a side into the newly created NSWRL, and quickly became regarded as a side to beat becoming the first club to win three consecutive Premierships in 1913.

In 1936 Eastern Suburbs became one of just five sides to emerge from a season undefeated, although after completing the same record in 1937 claimed the title as the only club to have done so in consecutive seasons. In amongst their victorious history, the Roosters did claim the wooden spoon in 1966 without winning a single match.

Since the NRL has been in place, the Roosters have moved back up the ladder as a result of bringing on some high profile and experienced names, which saw them into four Grand Finals in five years.

In 2002, after 27 years of hope, the side managed to claim their 12th Premiership title overcoming the New Zealand Warriors in the final. The most recent appearance the Roosters have made in a Grand Final was in 2004 when they were 13-6 ahead at half time but saw a dominant comeback by the Bulldogs to lose 16-13.

Emblem, Colours & Jerseys

As one of the more traditional clubs in the league, the Eastern Suburbs did not wear an emblem on their jerseys, and so the teams’ first emblem was not seen until 1967 – the year after they failed to win a match, with the motto ‘Easts to Win’. Above the motto was a rooster or cockerel, with both the writing and the bird in red, blue and white.

This mascot was used up until 1978 when the motto was changed to ‘Eastern Suburbs’, and it was not until 1994 till it was changed to the ‘Sydney City Roosters’, before finding its current ‘Sydney Roosters’ motto in 2000.

The colours seen on the logo have long been mirrored in the teams’ jerseys. While the shades of the colours have changed, they have remained the same. The home jersey is a dark blue with red and white v-neck and white shorts, while the away jersey is mainly white.

Football Club

For its first two seasons the Eastern Suburbs reportedly played at the Royal Agricultural Ground before the clubs home ground became the Sydney Sports Ground. It was not until 1986 that the ground was knocked down and rebuilt to become the Sydney Football Stadium which has been the home of the Roosters since 1988, spending the years the stadium was being built at Henson Park.

The Sydney Football Stadium is found in Moore Park, just out of Sydney in New South Wales, and can seat up to 45,500 people. For those who travel to the stadium for each and every Roosters home match, the membership options are a must-have, with discounts, special offers and many other perks, the money paid to help out the club is certainly worth it.


Rocky the rooster is the mascot for the Sydney Roosters, and playing at five-eighth his 220cm and 200kg build can scare any opponent, particularly with his thunderous crow echoing around the Sydney Football Stadium prior to kick off.

Best Bet To Make

Unlike many teams in the NRL, the Roosters are one of the few who tend to open their season with a couple of wins, taking advantage of nervous oppositions, and so backing them to win in certainly the opening fixture at could be the way to go.

Rarely losing at home, a relatively safe punt is to back the Eastern Suburbs when they are playing at the Sydney Football Stadium, and the thousands of Rooster fans crowing in the crowd seem to scare off threatening opponents.