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State of Origin crowd

The State of Origin is a best of three battle between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues, and is one of the most competitive and formidable Rugby League clashes in the world.

Taking place mid-way through the standard NRL Season, the time-honoured State of Origin pits State against State and Mate against Mate as the deep seated rivalry between these two Australian states plays out on the field.

The toughest and most outstanding players from the NRL Telstra Premiership’s 16 clubs are selected by a panel of experts to represent their state of origin in this three game tournament, giving Rugby League punters a scintillating showdown to bet on!

State of Origin Betting

For years footy fans across the nation have been enjoying a casual punt on the State of Origin, laying their loyalty on the line for a carton of beer or two. But there is some real money to be made during the State of Origin series by betting at the online bookmakers like

State of Origin betting is an Aussie tradition and the markets open weeks in advance of the series opener. The most popular bet type is the overall winner, which of the two teams will take home the coveted shield and win the bragging rights for another year.

Punters can also bet on each individual State of Origin showdown with all the standard and exotic Rugby League wagers open on all three games.

Betting on the series as a whole is a great way to add to the excitement of Origin and show your support for your state. It also ups the anticipation for each game and can give bettors a more profitable return for their wagering dollar.

Sometimes the odds for the overall Origin winner are quite short, as the squad selections and previous results create a pronounced favourite. That is what is so attractive about betting on how many games each team will win, because the odds are more lucrative.

Often bookmakers like also offer pre-Origin markets on which players will be selected for the squads, and this is one of the best exotic markets available. Other special bet types open on the State Of Origin Odds include the Man of the Match for each game, which is a beauty considering the calibre of the players, and all the other markets you would be able to bet on in a standard Rugby League match such as:

  • 1st Try Scorer
  • First Team to Score
  • Exact Score
  • Half Time Result

State of Origin History

The three-game format of the State of Origin that we now know and love has been played from 1982 onwards. For two years before that there were two interstate matches played under the old selection rules and one tentative State of Origin match.

Prior to the 1980s when the State of Origin was inaugurated, Queensland and New South Wales still played regular representative matches against one another, but they were no way near as celebrated as they are today.

The very first interstate showdown took place in July of 1908, when players were selected according to the current state they were contracted to. In this very early showdown New South Wales trounced Queensland 43 – 0.

In 1980 the first experimental State of Origin match took place at Lang Park in Brisbane on July 8 where Queensland claimed a comprehensive 20 – 10 victory. From there on the interstate series has grown into the famous State of Origin we enjoy today.

The early eighties were a golden period for the Queenslanders, who enjoyed possession of the State of Origin shield for most of the decade including their wins in the first three official series under the captaincy of the legendary Wally Lewis.

However, New South Wales became the first of the two to secure a three-from-three State of Origin whitewash in 1986. Queensland then won all three matches for the first time in 1988 and backed it up with a second clean sweep the following year as well with the brilliant halves combination of Langer and Lewis.

If the eighties were the domain of the Maroons, then the 1990s were undoubtedly the Blues time to shine. From 1990 – 1999 New South Wales won six of the 10 State of Origin clashes, including a three series winning streak in 1992 – 1994 lead by Blues veterans including Laurie Daley and Ricky Stuart.

The first State of Origin draw occurred in 1999 when both Queensland and New South Wales won a game each, but because the mighty Maroons had won the previous year they retained the shield.

The Blues began the 2000s with a dominant three match series win, and despite Queensland winning in 2001 and then retaining the shield the following year after a series draw, New South Wales then strung another three State of Origin series victories together from 2003 – 2005.

The following year, 2006, proved to be a turning point for the Queenslanders. A dedicated and patient Maroons outfit went on to win a record breaking four consecutive State of Origins from 2006 – 2009, then beat their own record in 2010 and entered the history books with their unprecedented fifth series win and secured their first three game whitewash since 1995.

State of Origin Results

Year Series Winner / Shield Holder Games
1982 Queensland 2 – 1
1983 Queensland 2 – 1
1984 Queensland 2 – 1
1985 New South Wales 2 – 1
1986 New South Wales Drawn
1987 Queensland 2 – 1
1988 Queensland 3 – 0
1989 Queensland 3 – 0
1990 New South Wales 2 – 1
1991 Queensland 2 – 1
1992 New South Wales 2 – 1
1993 New South Wales 2 – 1
1994 New South Wales 2 – 1
1995 Queensland 3 – 0
1996 New South Wales 3 – 0
1997 New South Wales 2 – 1
1998 Queensland 2 – 1
1999 Queensland Drawn
2000 New South Wales 3 – 0
2001 Queensland 2 – 1
2002 Queensland Drawn
2003 New South Wales 2 – 1
2004 New South Wales 2 – 1
2005 New South Wales 2 – 1
2006 Queensland 2 – 1
2007 Queensland 2 – 1
2008 Queensland 2 – 1
2009 Queensland 2 – 1
2010 Queensland 3 – 0